Majestic Pride Cattery, BC Canada

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M A J E S T I C   P R I D E   C A T T E R Y

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Kittening area

At Majestic Pride we try to make the cats feel as comfortable as possible. Our cattery has been designed in such a way that they can get optimum natural light. We have used almond colour Melamine and tile on the floor of areas of high use, so the runs and kitten area's can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

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The antique windows not only make the room more beautiful, they cast rainbows everywhere whenever the sun shines through them. Not only colourful it makes the room change as the day goes by. We used warm bright colours to enhance the area and give it a warm appearance. We wanted it to be a happy place for them to live! We have put in little cat doors at the end of each run so with a turn of a knob they can have the freedom of the large outdoor facility.



Boy's Cattery 1

Boy's Cattery 2

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Outside we have a large open area where the cats and kittens can run and play. As Bengals love water, I have a huge waterfall and Pond, which stretches more that 40 feet, for them to play in! Each and every rock was carefully placed by hand with love. It is a beautiful Bengal playground and they really love it.

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My son also worked hard to put the netting just so covering the top of the enclosure to both keep the cats in and to protect them from the large birds of prey. He also brought us home and erected the wonderful climbing tree that also supports the netting. This whole dream has been put together by and with the support of family and dear friends for sure!

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