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M A J E S T I C   P R I D E   C A T T E R Y

Bengal Kittens

To date Majestic Pride has had no problems either importing or exporting into the United States. I also have authorization to ship to the European Union

I have more bengal kittens arriving soon!

leopardstrail Perfect Storm X Majestic Pride Mu Rambo Sana

Perfect Storm 1 400.JPG  Perfect Storm 2 400..JPG

Mu Rambo Sana 450 1.JPG  Mu Rambo Sana 450 2.JPG

This is The Perfect Storm X Mu Rambo Sana kitten I have for sale hopefully as a show/breed cat

I am keeping this kitten for myself. He has an absolutely perfect pattern on an almost white background, the detail in this kitten is amazing where there isn't a rossette there is freckling with the exception of his full pure whited spotted tummy. Just look how squarely he stands, beautiful structure right down to the huge knuckle of the wild cats. I love his big wide nose puffy whisker pads and small rounded ears, set off by rich brown eyes. Beautiful curvature over his head and down his nose. With all of this a gentle kind happy personality. What more could I want?

Mu Rambo my boy 1.JPG  

Mu Rambo my boy 2.JPG  

Mu Rambo my boy 3.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo my boy 5.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo my boy 7.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo my boy 9.JPG  


Mu Rambo my boy 11.JPG  

He has so much Wow factor! I just love this kitten’s pattern it is truly outstanding and with his brilliant white tummy it would make him a fierce competitor no matter where in the world he would compete. He’s personality is also so gentle and loving. Someone is going to get an amazing kitten and an out of this world cat once he has grown up!

Mu Rambo boy 1 1.JPG  

Mu Rambo boy 1 2.JPG  

Mu Rambo boy 1 3.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo boy 1 5.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo boy 1 7.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo boy 1 9.JPG  


Mu Rambo boy 1 11.JPG  

This little girl is not only really pretty she is full of love and loves to be on my lap. Such a happy little girl. To go along with this personality, she has an outstanding pattern and well sought after beautiful Whited tummy!

Mu Rambo Girl 1.JPG  

Mu Rambo Girl 2.JPG  

Mu Rambo Girl 3.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo Girl 7.JPG  

Mu  Mu Rambo Girl 9.JPG  


Mu Rambo Girl 5.JPG  

Majestic Pride Coolio/ Majestic Pride Flawless Diamond

Coolio 1-400.JPG  Coolio 2-400.JPG

Flawless Diamond 350 1.JPG  Flawless Diamond 350 2.JPG

This is The Coolio X Flawless Diamonds kitten I have for sale hopefully as a show/breed cat

What a wonderful boy this kitten is. Starting with Temperament, structure and movement he has them all and he in his 4 month. He has a personality I just love he will sit in my lap and purr when I watch T.V. I love his pattern with the nice flow and clear acreage between the rosettes. Look at his head big whisker pads, Large round nocturnal eyes, deep chin, and really well placed small ears. An outstanding pet for someone that would like someting really special for themselves or family.

F boy 2-1.JPG  

F boy 2-2.JPG  

FXD boy 2-2.JPG  

F boy 2-4.JPG  F boy 2-7.JPG  

F boy 2-5.JPG  

FXD boy 2-6.JPG  

Majestic Pried Cupid's Cowboy / Majestic Pride Wild Rose

Wonderful dramatic Dark kitten on a clear light base coat. Beautiful kitten and lovely Temperment

Cupid's Cowboy 400-1.JPG  Cupid's Cowboy 400-2.JPG

Wild Rose 400-2.jpg  Wild Rose 400.jpg

This kitten is Wild Rose's Female kitten

This kitten I has not spayed yet as she was sold as a breeding cat. However, the new to be own fell very ill and she will not be going to England. She is still available as a breeder or an exceptional pet. What a beautiful kitten this will be, just look at those big dare rosettes and clear base coat. If you look closely you can see little dots within the rosettes. She is my little lap cat and has been handled daily. Wonderfully exotic looking and an exceptional pet.

WRG 2-1.JPG  

WRG 2-3.JPG  

WRG 2-2.JPG  

WRG 2-4.JPG  WRG 2-5.JPG  

WRG 2-6.JPG  WRG 2-7.JPG  

WRG 2-8.JPG  

I have at this time Two Beautiful Retired Queens Majestic Pride Winter Sunset She was born March 4 2016 just 3 years old and is available for sale to a very special home. She is a very gentle girl full of love.

WS  WS 2.JPG  

WS  WS 4.JPG  

I have at this time a Retired queen MaraBella Born October 24, 2012 MaraBella is so special in so so many ways.


MaraBella 6.JPG  

Oh my goodness I have great kittens coming very soon and more all this summer a great time to get a really special kitten from Majestic Pride Bengals.