Majestic Pride Cattery, BC Canada

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Leopardstrail Perfect Storm of Majestic Pride: Pedigree:

     Leopardstrail Thunder struck
arrow Sire:Leopardstrail Lightening Strike
     Purrlawnrouge Thunder Daze
Leopardstrail Perfect Storm of Majestic Pride- Born August 16, 2016
     Leopardstrail Thunder Roared
arrow Dam: Leopardstrail Stolen Thunder
     Greenmansions Distant Thunder


Perfect Storm mature 1.JPG  

Perfect Storm Mature 2.JPG  

Perfct Storm 1.JPG  

Perfct Storm 2.JPG  Perfct Storm 2b.JPG

Perfct Storm 3.JPG  Perfct Storm 4.JPG

Perfct Storm 5.JPG  Perfct Storm 6.JPG

Perfct Storm 7.JPG  Perfct Storm 8.JPG

Perfct Storm 9.JPG  Perfct Storm 10.JPG

Perfct Storm 11.JPG