Majestic Pride Cattery, BC Canada

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Majestic Pride African Twilight, born December 31, 2015

Rosey 10.JPG
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This little cat just take my breath away. Her glittered coat has such vibrant colours that just pop as she plays in the garden. Her beautiful golden base coat with lots of defining acreage give her such an exotic look. She is always happy and playing and is the first to run over to be pick up and cuddled.

Majestic Pride Sugar Rush, born April 24, 2017

Sugar Rush 1.JPG
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Sugar Rush a cat full of love and fun. She is a truly fully whited cat. Striking to look at with the dark outlined rosettes isnít that what a lot of us have been working towards? Not only that the desired pink nose, large round nocturnal eyes, small ears, big whisker pads and correct profile. She stands squarely on a solid structured body yet can slink along like the wild cats do. Her legs have the traditional black stipes accented by attractive freckling. I love to watch this very pretty cat playing in the garden.

Majestic Pride Midnight Courage, born February 27, 2016

Courage 1.JPG
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A joy to watch playing in the garden! She is always having fun! Her Dark richly colored Rosettes set off with her wild whited trim, beautiful head big whisker pads, big round nocturnal eyes pleasing curvature over her skull. The garden is filling with wild looking cats, playing in the water, hiding in the rocks and climbing the trees!

Majestic Pride Indian Summer, born August 18, 2016

Indian Summer 1.JPG
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Indian summer is so full of fun and love she is a joy to have around! She loves to be picked up and hugged! Just look at the bold rich fall colours of this kittens vibrant Rust black outlined rosettes with the beautiful whited tummy. I love the wild look of her head and great profile. Born in the fall in one of the prettiest Indian summers we have had in a long time. Such a wonderful girl I love her so much!

Majestic Pride Flawless Diamond, born August 30, 2016

Flawless Diamond 1
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I adore the clean fresh flow to her Bright tri coloured pattern, with lots of anchorage on her beautifully smooth tight light background coat. Look at the way she stands so square and correct and moves like a wild cat low and with intent, oh so graceful. I love her bright expression big whisker pads deep chin and wonderful curvature over her head. She accents herself with the striping that moves into tiny spotting on her legs that gives her elegance. To top it off just look she even has the whited tummy. She I think truly lives up to her name.

Majestic Pride Marabella, Tested July 2014 HCM Negative, born October 24, 2012

MaraBella Best.JPG
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MaraBella, I just adore this young cat; I just canít keep my eyes off of her! There is so much I like about her. Just look at the way she moves, she slinks along like a wild animal after her prey; however she is the most loving little girl. Her Rich colour and black outlined rosettes, enhance her movement with striking presence. She flows along with wonderful correct structure, solid and long in perfect balance. When she rolls over her breathtakingly whited tummy emerges like a perfect trim for the rest of the package. Her tummy just gets whiter and whiter as she gets older, and gives such a prominent contrast to her wild and impressive pattern.

Majestic Pride Winter Sunset, born March 4, 2016

Winter Sunset 1.JPG
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I really like this girl she is a really solid cat just look at the way she stands so proud and squarely, she has lots of really lovely detail look at all the freckling down her legs and all over her shoulders. I really adore her incredible head! Rounded ears, big whisker pads, to look at her, you would swear you were looking at a little wild cat. A lot of people really like the more Rufus cats and they carry well the whited gene. She has with all this a very sweet personality.

Majestic Pride sparkling Champagne born July 25, 2011

Sparkle 3.JPG
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There are a lot of things I really love about Sparkling Champagne. These pictures were taken after she was 2 years old as a mature cat. Just look at the wonderful curvature over the skull and face as it all flows in a balance down her long nose, big whisker pads and deep chin. Front on she take on the appearance of a big cat head, exotic and wild. This little sweetheart is long and agile and I hope the pictures show how nimbly she slinks across the rocks. She uses her shoulders like a cheetah; her soft glittered coat is tight and shows of her fluid pattern and movement. She is an amazing mother and has had some gorgeous kitten. Sparkle is truly a joy to watch play in the garden.

Majestic Pride Pretty Wild Rose, born December 19, 2014

P Wild Rose 11.JPG
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Pretty Wild Rose what a little character she is full of love and fun. I really enjoy her long elegant body and tail. She drifts along, slinking through the grass or leaping across the pond with the same sleekness of the wild cats. Her dark rich glittered pattern can't help but catches your eye, as she plays happily in the garden. I get so much pleasure out of just watching her have fun in the sunshine. She looks as though she can defy gravity when she casually walks up the big tree, in the center of the yard, she never ceases to amaze me how she is able to do that.

Majestic Pride Naima, born February 7, 2011

Naima 1.JPG
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Well they told me when I started all of this they wanted a cat that had a pure whited tummy, dark outlined rosettes, that had a soft plush coat full of glitter. This cat needed to have a wild look to the face, round nocturnal eyes, with deep rich colour and wild expression, preferably with black outlines and white goggles. This cat should also have a deep strait chin with big wide wild looking whisker pads, strong profile, and broad nose with pink nose leather and small to medium ears. The pattern should look like if she was standing on end like it would roll off her back. This cat should move like a wild animal and have a nice thick tail. Well I know there is always more to do and I am always working on it however I would like to introduce Naima. She came from a litter of 6 and all of the kittens had full whited tummies. I am very proud of her she also has another requirement she has the softest, most caring, loving temperament.

Majestic Pride Petra, born September 1 2008

Petra 3.JPG
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Pretty Petra has the nicest of nice personalities, she just loves everyone. I think she is quite stunning, she does have the much sought after dark outlined beautifully tri-coloured rosettes with lot of dots inside the rosetting to give her pattern a wilder look! With all of that she has a full whited expression. She can slink along like her wild ancestors. Has a stunning head and beautiful exotic eyes, Lovely structure and an amazingly soft pelt. The pattern I adore, she can I think take your breath away when she runs and plays in the yard!

Majestic Pride Tender Promise, born July 9, 2014

Tender Promise 4.JPG
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I love the diversity of the Bengals! The fact that so many people like so many different things about them, when it comes to colour, pattern and looks in general. It enables us as breeders to work and create in so many ways, I just love it. This little girl I think is just gorgeous in so many ways! I love the flow of here pattern and the details she has all through it with the fiery Rufus. The soft cream base coat that softens her look and gives a stunning contrast. She has the beautiful white expression of the wild cats to set all of this off. She is a good big girl with strong bone and correct structure. Her coat is one of the softest I have right now, Bengals are really soft she however; is exceptional. The thing that really strikes me when I look at here is her head, particularly her huge whisker pads, deep dark golden wild looking eyes and rounded ears so well placed. I think she looks allot like a cougar in one of the pictures! She moves beautifully and balances herself with her thick long tail. She is so fun to watch move about the cat enclosure. With all of this wild look she has the gentlest temperament.